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Twitter: @willjrobinson

Email: will@willjrobinson.com

LinkedIn: willjrobinson

Facebook: willjrobinson

Will Robinson is an artist and web designer/developer based in London.

His art lives between art and science, focussing especially on the areas of scientist/artist collaborations by restaging and remediating science experiments within an art context, often influenced by technology.

Will has been making websites for around 9 years, and throughout that time has followed and kept up to date with technological progressions and advancements in web technologies. His current favourite use of web technologies is with the CakePHP framework along with some nifty jQuery and html/css to go with it. Will uses these awesome tools to make even better websites, that not only look amazing (usually thanks to working with awesome designers) but also work. Not just work, but work exceptionally well, and are a pleasure to use.

As well as various freelance projects, for the last two years Will has done various bits of work for the British Museum including working in the small team responsible for the permanent collection multimedia guide, as well as countless special exhibition guides along with the British Museum's media player for their website, and generally being around to solve problems and make things run smoothly.

For his art, Will has had a few shows in various locations, including a few in London as well as one in Dublin and Barcelona, winning an award in Barcelona, for the project THIG with his long time friend and collaborator Mad Mohre.

Will shares a studio in Hoxton, East London with friend and collaborator James Irwin.

Will studied a BA in Computing and Interaction Design at Goldsmiths, University of London and has just completed a MFA in Computational Studio Arts from the same university.